EMEARLD stands for Expanding Primary Care Capacity to Treat Liver Diseases. There is presently a shortage of trained first line health care providers capable of diagnosing and treating diverse liver diseases. With the present prevalence of viral hepatitis and its complications there is increasing demand for more physician front line providers who are capable of handling these patients: Properly diagnosing, treating and referring them to a specialist if required.

The overall goal of this project is to improve patient care by increasing learner competence and confidence in both proper patient identification and assessment and increasing learner performance in therapeutic options and on-treatment management strategies for patients. PSH has stepped forward to expand primary care capacity to treat this health care burden on society. Patient outcomes will hopefully be improved as a result of the improvements in more providers understanding these key components in the management and care of patients with liver diseases. EMERALD Project is run with the help of unconditional logistic support of Ferozsons Laboratories Limited”

Targets (Activities) For SIG

  • GPs
  • District Specialists

Learning Objective

  • Identify patients with liver disease
  • Apply diagnostic tests appropriately
  • Proper counseling
  • Recognize treatment/referral priorities
  • Treat HBV and HCV appropriately
  • Refer to specialist in a timely and appropriate fashion

Program Outline

  • Lectures-based Interactive Symposium
  • 25-30 Participants per Symposium
  • Symposia are held on regular basis
  • One Symposium for Each Region (South, Center, North)
    • South Region includes Baluchistan & Sindh
    • Center Region includes Punjab except Rawalpindi/Islamabad
    • North Region includes Rawalpindi/Islamabad and KPK
  • All participants of these symposia are then linked subsequently via PSH Hepatitis Network (PHN) for regular online updates

workshops Detail

I. Workshop -1: HCV Workshop in Peshawar on August 26, 2017

II. Workshop -2: HCV Workshop in Karachi on September 23, 2017

III. Workshop -3: HCV Workshop in Lahore on October 7, 2017

IV. Workshop -4: HBV Workshop in Peshawar on November 3, 2017

V. Workshop -5: HBV/HCV Workshop in Nathiagali on December 30,31 2017