POLL Project

POLL stands for PSH Online Liver Learning. Currently we are experiencing a very rapid influx of updates in the field of Hepatology and we are witnessing a plethora of information about liver diseases. There is need to disseminate meaningful and useful information to healthcare workers so they incorporate this into their clinical practice. To meet this challenge, Pakistan Society of Hepatology has started POLL Project for its members throughout Pakistan.

Target Audience

  • Faculty members
  • GPs
  • District Specialists
  • Postgraduate Medical Students

Learning Objective

  • Know about updates in the field of Hepatology
  • Incorporate the new information in their clinical practice
  • Improve liver care in Pakistan

Program Outline

  • National and Local Online Forums have been constituted
  • There is Free interaction amongst members of each Forum
  • Updates are shared on regular basis from PSH Secretariat as well as Members
  • There is subsequent discussion on each update
  • All participants of these Forums are linked via PSH Hepatitis Network (PHN) for regular online updates