PSL Project

PSL stands for PSH Save the Liver. An estimated 4.8% of the general population is infected with HCV in Pakistan that roughly equals to 10 million people. Similarly another 2.5% of the general population is infected with HBV in Pakistan that roughly equals 5 million people. Almost the same amount is suffering from Fatty Liver Disease. True prevalence is elusive due to the asymptomatic nature of the HBV, HCV infection and Fatty Liver Disease and lack of surveillance infrastructure in our country. Pakistan has the highest number of people with active HCV infection of all countries except China in the world, but unlike China the total number of infections in Paki¬stan is not declining.

HBV, HCV and Fatty Liver can lead to liver cirrhosis with life threatening complications like hepatic encephalopathy, variceal bleeding, ascites and hepatorenal syndrome and cer¬tainly fatal hepatocellular carcinoma until identified and treated early in its course. Because of lack of dedicated liver care centers and services in our country, most of these cirrhotic patients are treated by general physicians and even by non-doctors like quacks, hakims and so-called peers. As a result they are either treated sub-standardly or even totally wrongly. Majority of these patients reach a stage where they need liver transplant to live a healthy life. Liver transplant has been started in our country and is quite successful program as per results, but it’s a very expensive therapeutic option and practically out of reach of pocket of a common man. As a result, these ad¬vanced cirrhotic patients are very frequently brought to doctors for consultation and admitted in hospitals, thus resulting in huge economic burden on family resources as well as community resources. Therefore the only way to overcome this enormous challenge is to successfully prevent HBV, HCV and Fatty Liver from our country.

To meet this challenge, Pakistan Society of Hepatology has started PSL Project for its members throughout Pakistan.

Target Audience

  • PSH Members
  • General Public
  • High-risk Population
  • Healthcare Workers

Learning Objective

  • Know about importance of healthy liver
  • Adopt healthy life style to keep liver healthy
  • Screen for HBV and HCV
  • HBV vaccination

Program Outline

  • Public awareness
  • Motivational activities
  • Screening Camps for HBV and HCV