About PSH


Pakistan Society of Hepatology (PSH) was founded in June 2001 in Karachi and since thenPSH is striving to improve practice of Hepatology in Pakistan.Today it has assumed a leading position to provide opportunities of development of professional competency and proficiency of those who come across liver diseases in everyday clinical practice, who are interested to adopt Hepatology-based career, who are already a practicing Hepatologist and who want to contribute to the betterment of liver care in Pakistan. PSH organizes regular seminars, conferences and meetings to achieve its aims and objectives. On 29th January 2017, PSH,launched Special Interest Groups (SIGs) covering 20 important area of clinical Hepatology to produce guidelines, CME modules and research proposals in the relevant fields. At the same time, Research Facilitation and Ethical Review board (RF-ERB) has been constituted to streamline research activities at the platform of PSH.


To treat and prevent liver diseases in Pakistan

Aims & Objectives

  • 1. To provide a common forum for Hepatologist both Medical and Surgical, in Pakistan, to exchange views, to encourage good will and cooperation amongst them.
  • 2. To maintain, develop and extend relations with National and International organizations having similar objectives.
  • 3. To stimulate interest in the study and advancement of Hepatology and it’s allied specialties in all possible ways including education and research.
  • 4. To organize regular seminars, conferences and meetings for promoting exchange of views.
  • 5. To publish scientific literature for distribution amongst the members.
  • 6. To promote high ethical standards and safeguard genuine professional interests of its members.

Memorandum (Bye-Laws)