PSL Project Notification

Dated: March 13, 2017

PSL stands for PSH Save the Liver. An estimated 4.8% of the general population is infected with HCV and another 2.5% with HBV; and almost the same amount is suffering from Fatty Liver Disease. HBV, HCV and Fatty Liver can lead to liver cirrhosis with life threatening complications like hepatic encephalopathy, variceal bleeding, ascites and hepatorenal syndrome and cer-tainly fatal hepatocellular carcinoma until identified and treated early in its course. This results in huge economic burden on family resources as well as community resources. Therefore the only way to overcome this enormous challenge is to successfully prevent HBV, HCV and Fatty Liver from our country. To meet this challenge, Pakistan Society of Hepatology is pleased to launch its PSL Project for its members throughout Pakistan.

Prof. Javed Iqbal Farooqi
Pakistan Society of Hepatology