SIGs Notification

Dated: January 29, 2017

In pursuance of its aims and objectives, PSH has launched Special Interest Groups (SIGs) covering 21 important areas of clinical Hepatology to produce guidelines, CME modules and research proposals in the relevant fields. This is the start of new era of PSH, where:

  • Every worthy member will contribute towards aims and objectives of PSH in real meaning rather than attending just the annual conference.
  • Now PSH means a book and SIGs are its chapters.
  • SIGs will plan and work to achieve excellence in different areas in the country.
  • Executive Council will execute the program suggested by these SIGs.
  • Therefore from 2018, annual congress will not be the responsibility of any region or Executive Council; rather each SIG will have to contribute to the scientific content of the annual conference. Scientific committee will not be just few people's headache and rest just honorary sorts of names; rather chairmen of these SIGs will constitute scientific committee of these conferences by default. Role of EC will be to arrange for logistics of these conferences.
  • SIGs will hold separate meetings as well as annual meetings during annual conferences.
  • These SIGs will have five basic roles:
    • Position Papers and Guidelines
    • CME activities to educate the doctors community on these guidelines
    • Plan and conduct research to solve issues in their fields
    • Training facilities for young doctors in their fields
    • Advocacy in their selected areas
  • These SIGs will coordinate with international faculty concerned with their fields and try to uplift the level of liver care in our country.


Prof. Javed Iqbal Farooqi
Pakistan Society of Hepatology